2022 Business idea.

Happy new year Majamaa, I need honest reviews on this Machine. Venye kampeni zinaingia nataka ni print T.shirts za Baba kaa zote . Has anyone ventured into Commercial printing? I have this 8 in 1 laminating machine nadai kuchukua niingie biz.


Senior Villager
Printing actually can be a very profitable business, however the matter here is to know how to develop this business, The vast majority of printing companies which I knew, faced bankruptchy because their owners didn't have any idea of how to lead the business on profits. I believe that the whole business sphere requires particular knowledge. Of course, if we speak about experience, then if you haven't got any experience, then there is nothing scary actually. Experience comes with the time. The more time you dedicate yo your business, the more experience you get actually. You have not to give up despite the situation.