3rd World Dystopian Governments

Can 3rd world governments be able to handle upcoming technologies without abusing them? Even right now if a small political problem arises African governments can just switch off phone signals and internet at a whim.

In China, the rise of facial recognition is very widely used. And this is already being slowly adopted in Kenya. If you didn't know those Safaricom cameras which flash from time to time are actually building up a database of faces basically anywhere there is a camera in public.


This is a system i 100% bet our government will adopt.
vote in the kiambaa church murderer and killer as witnessed by jirongo and expect hell with this technology .........he will detect where all his haters and political dissidents are and a killer squad will be sent for them , ask JACOB JUMA ............ talk ill of his government and utawekwa NYAYO HOUSE yake ( WESTON basement ) and be finished huko........also , just like MUSEVENI , The corrupt killer president will then ask his kalenjin MP minions to extend his term as president and opposers and demonstrators watakujiwa kwao ....

BUT if you vote for a sober fellow as president , you will have nothing to worry about !

BASICALLY , it depends on who you vote for !

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