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  1. Starborndj

    Starborndj Village Elder

    Ever since I became fisi Kali fit,Single has been like my sir name. She was like hi am Tracy,and replied hi am Single, but you can call me Starborn. Her smile was a clear indication that this Saturday I had hit the jackpot!! The million dollar curves were all mine after nearly a few lines.

    Allow me to fastword the story kiasi, "Mr Dj, I'm allergic to rubber" she said. Sa itakuwaje,was all I could utter, she added let's test before you spin me. With my eyes on goal,no defence could stop me,I was like,let's do it!!.she smiled as we walked side by side to the VCT center.

    Mbona VCT hainanga line ndefu,I asked trying not to back off. She giggled saying it scares a lot of pple including her. We were next in, and after a few minutes we were told to wait for the results. I started to convince myself how careful I have been. The voices in my head battled each other loudly silent. I recalled each and every victim of me.

    Angy... Angy alikuwa vajo,hawezi kuwa alizaliwa nayo. Ruth,aah Ruth tulitumua CD, and after a couple of them I landed on Liz,huwa kanagawa,making it worse CD iliburst na breaks zikakataa. I was sweating...thinking how to avoid the results, Bae was silent to,I assumed she was vetting her exes too. After about what seemed like 48hrs of sato, we were told the results were ready, tunaweza kujia kesho? I threw in a joke as I always burry my fear in sarcasm, Bae held my hand tight and it was extra time of my 48 hrs of Saturday.

    Long story short,I'm now enjoying the fruits of my labour, as am writing she's deep asleep after a long night of sexercise, ooops,she is awake..let me get back to work!
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  2. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

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  3. Destro

    Destro Village Elder

    Did you have to write all that to let us know you are negative??
    Or what was the moral of the story above??
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  4. Starborndj

    Starborndj Village Elder

    get tested
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  5. Starborndj

    Starborndj Village Elder

    iko sealed
  6. mayekeke

    mayekeke Village Elder

    It's a mini-hekaya ama haumpati @Starborndj???
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  7. screwplus

    screwplus Village Elder

    Nigga anasumbua with a 48 hour sexcaped
    This is normal man cave things apart from the test bit siwezi stress i always test ma self like every 3 months or so.So hata nikienda siongopangi but guys need to be tested kuna wale who never will.They don't even know their blood type.Plus unasumbua na weekendi to nigga go on fortnight rampages unaskia unatafutwa mortuary.
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  8. mchipy

    mchipy Village Elder

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  9. Mycoanash

    Mycoanash Senior Villager

    Ahahaa ati cd iliburst na brakes zikakataa. I totally relate. Mimi pia ishawahi nifanyikia. I noted a certain change in pH, humidity and temperature. Manze singetia brakes
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  10. SnazzyKenyan

    SnazzyKenyan Village Elder

    Kikiki...can totally relate