54-year-old CBK Governor nominee is yet to marry

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yeye ni by choice...wewe ni by??? unachelewela wapi?

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nominee to head the Central Bank of Kenya was on Tuesday made to sweat by Members of Parliament who probed him on his marital status.

Members of National Assembly’s Finance, Trade and Planning Committee also grilled Dr Patrick Ngugi Njoroge on why he has no investment in Kenya.

In his defence, the 54 year-old Dr Njoroge said he is unmarried by choice.


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It's un-African to be single for that long. Though slowly we are changing

So, maybe its Unless he's in the closet or hajajitambua yet; which if its the latter, shows his incapability to reason straight:)


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The only issue that may be a problem is that he has no investments in Kenya, the issue of being unafrican to be unmarried is laughable, even Public Display of Affection is unAfrican lakini watu wame embrace kama yote
Si tuoneshwe bibi ya Moi halafu wamuulize wake yuwapi.

Hii yote ni upus. Ukienda kutibiwa kwa doc unamwulizanga kama ameoa? Si bora afanye kazi? Sideshows prove time n time again to be an impediment to people doing their actual jobs. But ni hali ya dunia.
Uyu haezi kosa mbegu amepanda ovyo ovyo na kulipia maintenance costs. Na vile member amesema hapo juu....inaezekana yee ndo chairman wa Team Fap and Associates


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Society hates non conformists. This is for no particular reason. The one who is lauded is the one who conforms most, even to his own detriment. People want to associate with others who are like them regardless of whether they are failures or not.
The complaining married MPs are fighting their wives everyday, mipango ya kando everywhere, and are always stressed.


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.... kept wondering of this talk that the next Governor of central bank would have an impact of the Kenyan currency and stabilize it, till his grilling surfaced. One thing is certain, no corruption under his watch and I believe the MPs now this. He will reports directly to the president who happens to be a wealthy man with no greedy in him.
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