A chinese student willing to share his girl friend so tha he gets an Iphone 6

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Senior Villager
A new standard has been set on
how far one will go to get the latest
technology. A Chinese student from
Shanghai’s Songjiang University
stood outside the university
advertising ‘quality time’ with his
girlfriend in exchange for cash to
purchase an iPhone 6. His unusual
fundraising tactics attracted a crowd
as many sought to see what the
young man had to offer.
While bearing a placard reading
“Girlfriend Sharing”, 25-year-old Wei
Chu laid out some rules for
prospective customers. He even
showed a picture of his girlfriend
(21-year-old Xiao Ai) who was a
willing participant to help him raise
enough money to get the much
sought-after iPhone 6.
According to some sources, the
student is asking young men charges
anything from 10 Yuan (Sh 650 per
hour) to 500 Yuan (Sh 6500 per
month). Surprisingly, his girlfriend
fully supports his strategy of getting
cash for the new iPhone.
Apparently, there are others who
have gone to extreme lengths to get
an iPhone. In 2012, a Hunan
teenager sold his kidney to get an
iPhone and iPad . These crazy stunts
are not the norm although upon the
release of the iPhone 6, many
around the world queued through
the night to get their hands on the
latest phone from Apple.
The frenzy over the new smart
phone’s larger screen and battery
size, not to mention its spectacular
applications has had all tech geeks
keen to see what the phone can
really do. The much anticipated
iPhone 6 was finally available to the
public on early morning of Friday
19th. Some altercations were even
reported to have occurred in London
as customers waited in line, so I
guess the Chinese student is not
the only one going crazy over the
new iPhone.
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