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  1. luoamerican

    luoamerican Village Elder

    #Alphamale #Mosthated #Agakhan #Highie #Baylor #Audiophile #Listeningroom #Mancave #Jaluoandveryproud #Bettereducated #Highlyeducated #Waseewaochanimafala #Plebs #Bananarepublic #Vumbistanisafailedstate #Ethiopiaisnowkingofeastafricaunderuhuru #Imaginethat #Sadbutnotearsforvumbistan #LoL #Kenyatalkislitteredwithweakbettamales #Swole #Gymislife #Youwishyouwereme #IsaidIambetterhanyou #Utadoo? #Hahaha #Hahahasomemore #Plano #Texas #USA
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  2. marine1

    marine1 Village Elder

    Unachangiwa na kijiji uende masomo abroad and all u could achieve ni kununua record player na speaker za luthuli. Ooo my goati.

  3. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

    You got a good taste in music. I also like that house finishes. I dont know you so I wont comment further. Lakini hiyo napenda. Asande.
  4. The brave

    The brave Village Elder

  5. Mzee Wenger

    Mzee Wenger Senior Villager

    Tumia hiyo pesa kujenga Simba back in the village #chieth
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  6. The brave

    The brave Village Elder

    Courtesy of MKZ...

    "In Bukusu during circumcision we sing 'Kirichanga kiche ebonyolo' which literally means the cowards should go to Luo Nyanza!"
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  7. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

  8. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

    The guy never said he doesn't have a Simba. Did he?
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  9. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

    I don't agree with insulting someone simply because he is a Luo or I believe him to be. I will judge a person solely based on his posts. Hii ni jamaa ya lifestyle, I wont judge his ability to pay.
  10. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

    BTW, I also disagree with people who want to make us feel that our women are ugly. Which language doesn't have 'ugly' in its language?
  11. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    Nice set up....but kwani huna viti kwa nyumba? Ama hiyo ni 'standing room' sio sitting/lounge room?

    But ukweli ujaluo ni garama.
  12. Purple

    Purple Moderator Staff Member

    Inakaa dance studio..
  13. Kigui

    Kigui Village Elder

    Ndíakagwo ta ya wakini. You don't build your hut exactly like of your wakini's.
  14. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    kuja kimilili tukutahiri kwa chupa ya Fanta August , jinga jakenya .
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  15. kush yule mnono

    kush yule mnono Village Sponsor

    Too obsessed with male genitalia. Ango what is?
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  16. pipita

    pipita Village Elder

    mbukusu na wivu. they had to reduce this thread to a d*ck measuring contest
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  17. Edward Teach

    Edward Teach Senior Villager

    Can you come with an extra DAMN album wouldn't mind buying it when you visit home
  18. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

    You have got some good taste there, @luoamerican.
    However try to divert your hatred for Kenya towards something more positive. Its like you are drinking a portion of poison daily and you expect it to affect #vumbistanis.
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  19. Tronjan

    Tronjan Village Elder

    Mujamaa anaenda Boston kupanguza wanyanya matanye mshande yake ya kwanza anachafua na mawoofer:D:D:D
  20. coldpilsner

    coldpilsner Village Elder

    Wivu ita maliza villagers
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