a look back @baseless reasons given 4 suspensions in K-Lost

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During K-Lost days hao moderators wangekosa kazi and deactivate/suspend a member on flimsy grounds. Give some of the baseless reasons..i will start

1. Jerry mongoose u are not wanted here.
2. Insulting my president<---this was a mungiki moderator who always caught feelings when uhuru was touched bt was all smiles when Raila was dissed.
3. You whine too much
4. Stop calling people g**
5. Talking dirty in a non explicit listing.<--- TF
6. endeleaa..........


Inakaa Klist ilikuwa imekubamba saaaana. Hiyo kijiji ilikuwa na wenye matusi zingine moto tu sana na hawakuwahi pata suspension.
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