A solution to marriage

Andrew Kibe

Senior Villager
We've got the showdown between Tafuu and Stingo going down this weekend, so this will be my last tip here till hangy ziishe Monday.
I wanna be real with y'all men who still believe in marriage.
I told you before, get the ugliest woman to marry if you want to have kids. You can go to Nigeria and get one.
Don't tell me you don't want kids because that is g** shit. You can't call yourself a man and nobody calls you dad.
But some men want their kids to take good genes. So how will they go about things?
You need to have a baby mama. You'll get a fine lass to bear kids but you still get your space and no worrying about the Corporate rural-bred middle manager bomoaring her. Haha. Tunawamulika nyinyi watu waliimmigrate Nairobi kutoka ocha.
Yeah, you'll tuma some Gs every month for her but you're a made man my brother, that shouldn't be a problem.
Tafuta baby mama stop disturbing everyone about cheating wife. You won't find a hot virgin Chile. Who's to say her ex-es won't nyemelea and get pu**y from her with nostalgia?
My friend nostalgia is very powerful. I've heard people say the Moi days were better.
Go get a baby mama. Atleast you'll slow down a Corporate chick or two with a baby. Otherwise marry an ugly woman.
Huyu jamaa (if at all he is the real Andrew)was a pastor pale Langata, Faith Chapel church, sijui kama the church closed down. He used to give serious sermons and was a newly wed some three-four years ago, must have separated or divorced from the wife. Now i get shocked when he writes and says the things he says. I guess life happened. But he has a strong sense of humour.