A solution to Those having trouble using ktalk on Mobile

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Off late most members habe been having trouble accessing kenyatalk on mobile especially chrome. To sort it out all one needs to do is change the ACCESS POINT NAMES on their phones or APN.
On Android : go to settings, mobile networks then select Access Point Names.
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View attachment 25576 select it then click on the plus or add a new access point
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You will get this page
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Name: give it any Name
Apn: any name too
Proxy and port leave blank
If on safaricom like i am then
Username : saf
Password : data
The rest leave as they are
Maybe on authentication u can select any you want from the drop down
Then save the apn created.
Next select it and use it
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Those on Windows phone can follow this too depending on their settings.
Cc @junkie

Ukiwa stuck at any point please ask will be here to help. In case of other problems then contact us for help. Hope this helps.
It's finally working danke. Please make me a VE to compensate for all that pain.


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I guess kila mtu sasa ako sawa from @Guru to @Meria Mata @Atheismo @snapdragon na wengine sijataja. @junkie hope uone hii post...
@Atheismo kindly screenshot the steps u followed on windows mobile if you don't mind.
I use windows phone na sijakutana na hii sida. Been using it kama kawa. Issue ilikuwa just logging in ama? Coz the moment i ticked 'stay logged in' sijawai shughulika na ku-log in tena....


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Watu kama sisi we loggin frm different devices so I can't tick 'keep loogged in'
What do you mean you can't tick the option to stay logged in just coz you use several devices? I always log in into several and the first thing i do is tick that option. Kwani ushaipata shida yeyote?
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