AC adapter for Acer V17 Nitro Black Edition (VN7-792G)

Guys I need your help.
I've been looking for an adapter for my laptop for over a month now and it seems I can't find one anywhere in Nairobi. The specifications are: 19V 7.1A 135W 5.5*1.7mm (
Nimetembea tao uptown na downtown a number of times looking for one and I'm out of luck. The one I had before ilikuwa a generic Acer one ya 3.42A na ikaungua after gaming for about an hour . I bought another one shida ni when the computer is under heavy load it stops charging every few seconds which is annoying. One characteristic I have observed with both chargers is that they get extremely hot (kama pasi literally) when the PC is under heavy load.
I will be grateful if you could help me out. Thanks in advance.
The first question ntauliza ni ulitoa wapi hiyo lapi... my only solution ni uchome pesa mara one time you import it
I bought it from some shop along Tom Mboya, I knew the charger was not the original one but I didn't think this would lead to problems in the future. Nilikuwa nathani ati charger ni charger, bora tu imetoshea kuingia kwa ile shimo ya power. Then nikajua sijui!

I've tried kuchorea hii story ya ku import but it looks like the only real option remaining.