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  1. zzzzzzz...

    zzzzzzz... Village Elder

    They are poorly designed and constructed, the poor guy must have thought if he hits the rails he will be okay, kumbe he was signing his ticket to heaven
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  2. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    How exactly does this happen? How does the guard rail penetrate the mots?
  3. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Have you ever heard of something called speed?
    An idiot buys an old repainted Japanese jalopy and all of a sudden he thinks he has bought a race car.
  4. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    Yeah but how? He breaks it as he's swerving and then he drives along as it's inside?
  5. Vin Diesel98

    Vin Diesel98 Village Elder

    Alafu watu wa salvage wako in line waiting...
    Salvage premio for sale...KBZ
    490k only!!!
    Engine and gearbox intact
    Airbags did not deploy

    Who buys these salvages?
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  6. Maraiyoiyo

    Maraiyoiyo Village Elder

    People who advertise and sell "locally used cars, female asian previous, no accident history, very clean, buy and drive, fully loaded, finance arranged"
  7. mariachi

    mariachi Village Elder

    Kuna jamaa anaitwa Njihia who shamelessly peddles such on fb. tumemtusi mara mingi hadi tumechoka