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  1. Titty Twister

    Titty Twister Senior Villager

    What about them missing the maendeleo ya homabay county and its government? Will they miss that too?
  2. macho

    macho Village Elder

    Hoping the mat had a speed governor....Si some governor s store data of speeds?
  3. macho

    macho Village Elder

    ES,what did it collide with? Hizi shuttle carry 10 pax,I think
  4. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    but hizo matatu za western ni very reckless....recently nikiwa huko niliona not once matatu uko overloaded and with three guys hanging on the door doing over 100kph..........we hooted, signaled and pointed at them lakini wakanirushia mkono nikasema ni sawa tu ujinga pia ni kipawa!