accident, speed kills

The truth

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Kama sasa hapa actros makosa yake ni gani?
Been on that rd for a while, most truck drivers are reasonable, though you make a mistake and underestimate they will move to the side kiasi to let someone through. A mistake of underestimation should not cost your life. Then there these foolish truck drivers who even accelerate when you begin overtaking, cannot give way even when it's clear that if they don't slow kiasi to allow a small car squeeze in, there is a high possibility of loss of life, this one looks like the kind that stayed on the rd looking at angle of impact. Angemsongea kiasi hangeguza cabin.
Been on that rd for a while, most truck drivers are reasonable...... Angemsongea kiasi hangeguza cabin.
Bro, you have to be reasonable if you want to leave with your life intact on this Kenyan roads filled with madness..

As for this accident, story is the Nissan guy was heavily intoxicated , speeding and overtaking on a continuous yellow line what exactly do you expect? Na akisongeza kichwa as you say angle line bado inangoja yeye....


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1. its not about who is right or wrong , its about courtesy to all the few madmen on the road . the actros guy should have moved to the shoulder of the road.

2. understand your car. if you car is faulty, low cc, no turbo, no supercharger , you have no business doing illegal overtaking, wait

3. the actros driver and the driver of the car he was trying to overtaked are evil