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Kindly consider adding an "education" section to this forum. I believe that there are many professionals in this forum who would provide assistance or a DIY version. For example, there may be engineers or architects who would be ready to educate people on the process to be followed while building your simba etc. My point is, apart from entertainment and threshold shenanigans, some people could be willing to learn or provide knowledge on certain issues where they are competent in. I'm more of a DIY (Do it yourself) guy. Like I'd like to know how to make a screwdriver cocktail at home, how to prepare grilled ribs, my lady might like to know how to apply make-up (you know women!) etc. Basically, the kind of stuff that is educational but isn't captured in the other categories. If I want to know how to change my engine oil, I will head straight to the "motoring" section. What if I want to know how to trim a hedge, or how to milk a cow, slaughter a goat during the Easter holidays, import a specific machine etc. An "education" section would seek to answer the "how to" questions that everyone encounters at some point, at least anyone who isn't lazy. Some "how to" questions fit into other sections of the forum, but most don't. There are some "how to" questions that aren't captured in the other categories and the "general" category is too general.

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