Admin, Deorro, Mundu Mulosi, Electronics4u et al

Mrs Shosho

Senior Villager
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Wacha kuwa hivyo, ongea na admin (contact us) akusaidie. Familiarity maze. ;)
Sis @Purple please can you tell @Luther12 that you confirmed that nada can be done to reclaim my MFW handle? without remembering my email add on registration? ama Luther, tell me what I should do? :confused:

BTW Luther I emailed the admin inbox several times whilst trying to log in, got no response back!!

Mrs Shosho

Senior Villager
Miss Shushurite would never stoop that low.

@admin is the one who should use the "conduct huh" button to find out if she's okay.
BTW, I meant to put you and your handles back to Room 101 jana. Got side tracked. You remain free to post what you think or imagine? lakini the ignore button allows me to not read your malicious bile packaged as hehehehe wit.

Pls foxtrot to room 101 and rant there. In short, you do you and I do me. Wharris so hard?

Whilst am here just know Miss Shushurite is a creation of your Nyuks. Not me...