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Mzee mzima

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Nimewaita mara ngapi ??? Kalisheni haga apo niwachapie

On a serious note why can't we have other emoticons and emojis apart from the ones provided? I want to be able to put something else other than :D when @Unicorn and sometimes @Female Perspective makes me laugh, coz that girl is very quick with them clapbacks and 90% are funny as hell. I want to put something else other than o_O when someones attempt at a joke or an irrelevant point backfires na sijasema @ol monk :D. See I used this shit again coz I have no damn options!!

Nataka kueka kale ka emoji ka kanakuanga na love heart kwa macho @Ice_Cube akirushia @Purr_27 mistari choke!!

In short what am I saying??? I don't want my freedom of speech to curtailed due to the lack of options!

Nikimalizia niko na kiulisio... Nimenunua nyamabite my question is inaliwa na karatasi ama unatoa??

Otherwise kama @Unicorn unahisia njaa karibu tukule na wewe coz you're witty and quick just the way I like them :D. Did you see what I did there?

Anyway nimemalisa. Mbicha ya emoji


Female Perspective

Thank you [back=884]@Mzee mzimaemojiR] for your insightful contribution. I support you on this issue hundred paracent. ;)
@admin ago chojo na atafanya mambo.
How about a female staff...sent this serious request awhile back. It looks like the emojis are more important than gender equality? Nike meni!
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