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  1. MayDay

    MayDay Village Elder

    I missed the fight but from the highlights it's clear that AB got real beat up.

    He worked on the inside way too late in the game and his career is fast fading.

    I think he fucked up when he bought too much into the Mayweather hype and forgot he was a fighter not a showman.

    Boxing fans ..what do you think?
  2. Mjasusi

    Mjasusi Village Elder

    He is just another bum whose best days are behind.
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  3. MayDay

    MayDay Village Elder

    he was set to run boxing but he is too distracted with threesomes and showmanship
  4. Grundy

    Grundy Village Elder

    ToJ, AB is a piece of work. He wants to be like Floyd but he just cannot back it up.
  5. Shuma mre dani..

    Shuma mre dani.. Village Elder

    Adrien bronner is useless.. Mayweather wannabe but without the chin to take a punch and zero skills to boot.