Advert: Discrimination


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What do you call discrimination based on looks? This is the first advert I have seen where applicants are asked to send their photos. :D:D:D B-Club.jpg

Theuri wa kigogoine

Unataka wanaume wakunywe pombe kwa club na waitress anakaa scarecrow. club owners hire both waiters and waitresses according to body figure and looks.


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Not really. Job ID photos are requested after the person has passed the interview
Not with airlines, for cabin crew/air hostess/flight attendant jobs.

Especially those of the middle east. Here if you arent good looking,you have a scar or happen to be a midget,dont bother applying


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I work in the hotel industry, for those staff working in front of the office, outlets and house keeping, before they look at your papers, first they look at the photo. At my former employer, some Rwandeese lady was poached from some property purely on her looks.
Eye candy attracts customers, literally.