This is from the holy grail of forums. Im in love with the forum.Pateni tips.

What are the key things your forum does to keep community and discussion so high quality?

Stan Garfield
, Veteran community manager
We have a "don't be assholes" policy that is fairly loose and expect people to moderate their own and others' behavior accordingly. Some things are out and out not okay. Death threats, posting people's personal information, racism [ironic or otherwise] and a few words that we consider hate speech. Other than that, the community often moderates itself for the most part.

We have a system of flags and a flagging queue that we read as moderators. If there are people who are consistently causing problems -- and we are very serious about the difference between someone who has unpopular opinions versus someone who has unpopular behavior -- we'll talk to them informally hopefully before anyone else calls them out. We spend time working with people who want to be members of the community, but seem to have a hard time being understood by other users. We trust the users and as moderators we are very even-handed, probably give people a few more chances that they deserve, and do everything in personal ways, we don't send form letters, we're accessible via multiple methods.

Add to that that there's a one time $5 sign up fee and you don't find a ton of bored people looking to just f**k with the site for lulz. The $5 also usually links to a real-life PayPal account so we can tell who people are and that can help us work with them but also make sure they're not some sort of SEO spammer type just trying to act like a community member.

Plus, the site is boring. You can't use images, you can't do anything but use your words and talk to each other. While there is a favoriting system you can't upvote or downvote anything, you need to just read and respond and everything you say is on the site forever (with a few exceptions). There are no threaded discussions, everyone has to talk to everyone. There's not much incentive to go trolling there. The community is a little older than your average web community and is at least a little diverse, we have a good percentage of women and people from other countries that are not just the US though we'd really like more people from Asian and African countries if at all possible.

We as mods act with respect towards everyone and we expect the same of the people who interact on the forum.