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Morning talkers, am back to the city and ready to push on with life. Now have made up my mind not to be employed again and would like to go the self employment way. I need some good ideas, suggestions or advice on what business one can start in this city. Am only armed with an accounting background and a capital of 0.5M, nataka mawaidha. Wanabiashara karibuni kwenye jukwaa. Nai.jpg
Na hiyo pesa labda utafute projects zenye serikali inasponsor. Kufungua hata kabiashara kadogo in this city is expensive.
Someone was talking about putting up mabati houses here. Ongea na @uncle nyam kama uko na kashamba.


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Was looking into salon biz nasio ile yakina @Jirani any ideas, the pros and cons, cost of starting and operating
The little I know about biz is that , you have this laid out plan like Capital, Expenses, Profits e.t.c but in reality , it does not play along some factors
come in and the plan keeps changing

Have you ran or know a person who has ran one before? How about a dry cleaning place in a decent residential area where one is lacking

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Capital should never discourage you, what counts is a great idea with moneymaking potential. There are so many guys looking for start-ups to invest in and existing businesses to put their cash in.

What should concern you most though is whether you can actually run a business, there are guys who come up with great ideas, they put up their businesses but run them to the ground, some are poor at customer service, others are lazy, others are faint-hearted, others cant manage cash.
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