Advice specializing in computer networking


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For the I.T gurus in here who have majored in computer networking i.e switches, routers and cisco, how would you advice someone who wants to join the ranks? Do I start with CBT nuggets, fundamentals or cisco or which one? Asante sanna. Or I.T techies where dd u specialize? Web design, graphics design, software, hardware? Which is the best?


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Na hizi vifaranga za admin zinakomaa very fast. Just the other day and now they are ready for school? Ama ni broiler? Haisuru.

On a serious note: This matter was once extensively discussed here. @Ice_Cube ebu tafutia huyu mtoto wetu hio link. I think it can be very helpful.


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Muchas Gracias my brothers for the helpful links ive seem them. Haha thagichu wacha nisome hizi vitu you wont hear about server problemz in the upcoming erectionz.