AFCON: Alpha Mole No.1 Kicked Out


Village Chief
For those who know Cairo, Egyptian repressed sexual culture and the damaged boy child it breeds, the ejection of Amr Wards from the host team was inevitable.

In many Islamic countries, the male child is spoiled from his day of birth to the grave, while the girls are treated like brainless assets that have to be covered and protected for their own good.

At the same time, both are expected to adhere to rules on relationships that were viable when Mohammed roamed the desert, long before TV, Instagram, WhatsApp and FB.

The result is that the male is overcharged with testosterone and perceived every woman as a means of physical relief. Amr Wards is an extreme example, but you should read about what happens to line female tourists or unaccompanied local girls if they find themselves among the herds of horny males.