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African democrat Mugabe more sober than ever before


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The last day of African nationalist Mugabe in power. The initiator of African economic democracy aka second liberation.

He resigns leaving a veritable resume of fighting imperialist forces that make africa vassals of western democracy.



Big G

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:D:D:D nmeskia speech ya jamaa and nowhere dis he mention the word resign.

maybe he will do so in a couple of days at the zanu pf delegates meeting


This doesn't sound like a resignation to me.

Mugabe's Address to the Nation: Highlights Part II. Mugabe is still President‼

- Zanu PF is a party of tradition.

- Party must have a welding of older players as well as newer entrants through a well defined sense of hierarchy. These matters will be discussed at forthcoming Congress.

- Zanu-PF congress will be held in a few weeks from now. Mugabe will preside over‼

- Mugabe: As I conclude this address, I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party, given the failings of the past, and the anger these might have triggered in some quarters.

- Mugabe: We cannot be guided by bitterness or vengefulness.

- We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions in a comradely Zimbabwean spirit.

- Mugabe: I am confident that from tonight our whole nation ... will put shoulder to the wheel. Let us all move forward reminding ourselves of our wartime mantra.

- He thanked everyone and wished them good night.


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Mugabe resisted the west and got punished for it.
Maybe his way of executing his plan was not as effective or they countered his plans , either way they punished him for resisting .
Let's see what becomes of Zimbabwe after he leaves .