Explicit Africans and Ass : By German Nosy cousin

A friend of mine who is also German came to Namibia with his German girlfriend. The Namibian guys were all impressed and told him, man, your girlfriend has an ASS! He just said, I don´t really like it, I think it´s too fat…
However, after a few nights out clubbing with the guys and some Namibian girls all over him shaking their booty changed his mind.
And he had to admit, MAN, what was I thinking!? I LOVE my girlfriend´s ass!!
I know, it sounds rude to most German (maybe most white girls even) girls to be told, you have a big ass! But what is BIG…it is not a bad thing in the first place. And if you are told, you have an ass, by an African, take it as a compliment.
And learn to
show it off!! Shake it and move your body right. I adore the way (not only) Namibian girls take pride in their appearance, how they show off their feminine curves…to me, that combination body + confidence is just sexy.

An Excerpt from https://nosycousin.wordpress.com/tag/namibia/page/2/
ON THAT NOTE, I would like to dedicate this thread to my reminiscence of themes that contributed to my rise through the ranks. NVs take note. Irrespective of age, guthabia maitho is a favored pastime activity for the male human species. From the land of a thousand hills, I present Umukobwa umunyaburanga

21150233_508135509524059_7050042541659333556_n.jpg 17932463_841243809356347_4055343936615481344_n.jpg 17881888_736396823207798_2659789533205233664_n.jpg 17438120_108973119641882_7496120337126391808_n.jpg 17332914_1873586726246100_4708820491987582976_n.jpg 17265618_1752161548446526_5175240037524045824_n.jpg 16299007_409240186080259_7129345465593319834_n.jpg 21463197_513408045663472_7410496604083954068_n.jpg 21317449_511834719154138_1422648660178870012_n.jpg


20905149_788711044624038_439135280457318400_n.jpg 20968642_1418250194962652_1887597663705104384_n.jpg

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