Africans and the Taboo that is DEATH.

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Why is the cause of Mr. Wanderi`s demise being kept a secret?
I was a KLister as early as 2005 and i feel like i almost knew him on a personal basis.
Now we are all entitled to some level of privacy as human beings in life and in death,but i just feel like as members of a community that this great man created we should know what the cause of his death was:not to fulfill our nosy urge but to help us grieve and deal with the loss of someone who created something that affects the lives of all of us on a daily basis.
And can someone please try and make me understand why we Africans feel the need to treat death more than the mystery that it already is. Having lived away from Kenya for so many years i still get this everytime a relative passes on. You try to call people and all you get is "mteja" and when you get through to even your closest sibling for a lowdown,they dont want to talk about the details of a relative`s passing no matter how un-scandalous it may be.
Why do we Africans treat death in this way?
Is there shame in being dead no matter what the cause is?
Someone please tell us what caused Mr.Wanderi`s death if not for anything,just to protect his name from being in the middle of rumour and speculation.
We owe him that much.

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THE SILENCE IS SO LOUD BUT DON'T WORRY T.I.G inc is investigating and will get to the bottom of it soon. PS TIG inc is = TMZ bt more lethal
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