Afrika ni Ut*mb* shida ukiwa na noma....


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Africans are last and they want to be considered? When death and poverty is the order of the day, it is normal. When it is not, it means it is out of the ordinary. It is only extraordinary issues that get real attention.


Village Elder
I've never understood why SOME Africans expect the whole word to stop when they experience some problems.

We are not children, and should solve our own problems. You don't hear the Americans or Japanese crying for global attention when they experience a catastrophic event, do you?
We all feel entitled and the rest of the world owes us when we are hungry, diseased or hacking each other with machetes ! But! at the same time, we don't want foreigners interfering with our domestic affairs when picking the best of our favourite dictators and looters from our tribes. Yes, all we ask for is have our cake and eat it. That's us Kenyans, Africans, blacks.....