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  1. Alpha Canis Majoris

    Alpha Canis Majoris Village Elder

    Na watu inakaa wanaamini the bird flu story. Magufuli ni wale thin-skinned dictators wenye hufanya vitu mostly for show to hoodwink his people.

    Sijui watu wa Raila mbona wanampenda. What Uhuru has been doing of late is not even half of Magufuli does na mnateta hapa about dark days and sijui constitution.

    You can confiscate and charge people. What they're doing is just spiteful. I'm sure if he starts detaining Kenyans illegally in Tanzania without trial (if he isn't already), you'll start saying it serves those Kenyans right. But you'll expect in Kenya to enjoy those rights.

    I'll always defend my country people ata wakiwa wrong. External factors like these should be bringing us together but naona we'r throwing each other under the bus juu ya political expediency. Some of those people suffering under Magfool voted for Raila btw.

    But imagine those day old chicks burning bana :(. Fire is just a sadistic way to kill any living thing.
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  2. Alpha Canis Majoris

    Alpha Canis Majoris Village Elder

    I always vote against Raila, but I've always taken the side of those Kenyans being harassed by Ugandan police in Migingo. It makes me indignant that we allow our countrymen to suffer, ata kama wanasemekana wame-fish the Ugandan side.

    Kumbukeni hizi borders ni za wazungu. But endeleeni ku-support Magfool against your countrymen. Haitasaidia Baba at all.
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  3. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    North Tz is the bedrock of opposition in Tz except mwanza area. Megafools is killing two birds with one stone. Frustrate trade with us and at the same time deny the leaders that revenue from the trade. Since independence all these were amicably settled fairly by junior staff at customs and police. Right now we have two joint border posts (Namanga/Lunga Lunga where duty and clearance is easy and prompt. What obvious is the sudden slide to aggressively frustrate trade across the border. Kenyans would travel daily to buy fresh produce in North Tz and sell it here, all those permits were stopped. They want their own to supply here though they are not aggressive to do it. Meanwhile our manufactured goods are facing unofficial sanctions in their border. Lastly you will sign trade agreements with them but implementation or effect on the ground is another thing all together. Didn't we resolve this matters again just 2 weeks ago at AU HQ.
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  4. magreb

    magreb Village Elder

    Sir, we seem to be talking about the same thing our only problem being the language we use. It is pointless to catch feelings when a country introduces regulations, as Kenya is wont to introduce from time to time, for whatever reasons.
  5. emali

    emali Village Elder

    Fuata sheria..dont let your emotions about chicken cloud your judgement...hukulangi nyama?
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  6. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    you are living in one of the most friendly and easy countries. migration, working, doing business here is a breeze. try doing the same in tz. just the other day there were stories of kurias who went to school and started their families in the tanzanian side of isebania being separated and deported. and for your information, you will not get the same treatment in other east african countries.
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  7. RayJohnroe

    RayJohnroe Senior Villager

    The key word here is illegally
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  8. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    which can be very arbitrary. it is not like the chicks were contraband. and there is a better way of dealing with the situation without invoking bird flu.
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  9. 4makind

    4makind Village Elder

    Why not just deny entry to the consignment?
  10. RayJohnroe

    RayJohnroe Senior Villager

    Why should you take your goods there illegally? Do you want to break a foreign law and then predict the outcome of your actions? In Kenya hasn't a ship been blown with drugs in it? Cows shot because bandits were allegedly hidden behind them?
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  11. magreb

    magreb Village Elder

    Stop going on a tangent. We are discussing the merits and demerits of Tanzanians restricting the importation of birds and the remedies for violating those restrictions.
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  12. magreb

    magreb Village Elder

    Kenyans are used to breaking laws with impunity then "talking" to officials. That is why they are surprised when they see their neighbour taking decisive action.
    Why didn't we advance the same argument when the ship carrying drugs was blown up?
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  13. Alpha Canis Majoris

    Alpha Canis Majoris Village Elder

    Zikipikwa zinakuwanga zishachinjwa. This is cold blooded killing.

    Y'all are just bitter Raila lost. Acheni kujifanya vile mna-respect rule of law.
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  14. RayJohnroe

    RayJohnroe Senior Villager

    Kenyans are used to the term "hatuwezi kosa kuelewana" and think the same applies to tz
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  15. RayJohnroe

    RayJohnroe Senior Villager

    Raila lazma aingizwe ata hapa...mentioning his name is normally a clear sign of lacking points to offer
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  16. Katombi

    Katombi Senior Villager

    Tanzania says the move to destroy the chicks is aimed at preventing the spread of bird flu.
  17. Purple

    Purple Moderator Staff Member

    Should we destroy illegal immigrants too? What TZ did was animal cruelty plain and simple.
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  18. livefire

    livefire Village Elder

    I am in support of Tz here, they maybe "silent" hostile neighbors but i honestly think Kenyans are too corrupted with short cuts to even see faults in anything they do. To the traders, do due diligence before exporting.

    Obey the law, after compliance and if malice still persists we have a reason to cry wolf. Tz are sovereign, so they may take whatever direction they so fit.

    Kenya is equally sovereign & should find ways of taming this madness if indeed we can't co exist. No need of looking too needy and desperate. Of late Tz is appearing like its setting the terms of engagement more often and Kenya has no substantive reply in "action". The reply should not be spelt out btw, but it must be felt.
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  19. Alpha Canis Majoris

    Alpha Canis Majoris Village Elder

    Why are you assuming the worst about Kenyans? In most cases of smuggling, mtu huingiza vitu kwao.

    Juzi kwa gazeti tuliona Kenyans are smuggling Tanzanian beer here coz it's cheaper. In the above case, most likely ni Mtanzania and the baby chicken tu ameumia. The Kenyan probably made money akimuuzia on our side.

    But of course Kenyans tu ndio hufanya magendo na hatu-respect law, according to you.
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  20. magreb

    magreb Village Elder

    You are skirting around the real issue here. Where you are in charge of an authority that handles importation of anything, and you set up guidelines to govern such importation, and it so happens that some people are operating outside the regulations, what do you do?