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i can't say for sure, but whatever you plan to do, make sure it has ready market at a good price.
i doubt 16k can make something out of an acre, but you can try on a quarter of it first before going ballistic.


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You have given very little information. Where is the land, water availability and whether near an urban centre is information

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How is your water availability?
Thing is if you rely on rainfed agriculture you are doomed.
Then look at cost of maintaining crop till maturity.
Low cost crops would include vegetables like kale, spinach. These will mature fast but are not 'high value crops'.
You can look at contract farming especially french beans in the case where the buyer will loan you seeds & pesticides. Yours Will be watering & management.. french beans you will start harvest in 6weeks
You can look at green maize also, target them to be ready around nov/dec. Biggest challenge here now is control of fall army worm.

What ever you take, makesure water is set, manure & fertilizer & pesticides/insecticide for the entire growing period
Before we could share some tips, Where is the land located, and what are the crops grown around that region with high demand in the market?
Firt answer these questions.