Aiiiii...pale deadbeats..Terogram

IMO, would not solve the problem
True. Could make it worse. Beatings hapana. Walk away nayo labda kuna wenye inasaidia. For me, it could result in murder. I prefer talking to the bitter end. If we finally agree, sawa, Kama mtu anataka kuenda aende. Nikiamua kuenda, niende na sitarudi. Nikirudi I guarantee you mmoja wetu atakufa. I know myself. FYI, I don't drink.
I think we need to see the state of the guy...
and hear his story.
Suppose this woman just decided to land on the man with some weapon?
My point is, you feel someone grabbing your balls and squeezing them, what do you do? Just walk away and leave your balls in her hands?
This does not mean I support violence.