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Wadau, you guys know any good aircon guys who do refilling? Ma boys at Sagoo are closed mpaka new years and I need to get my aircon up n running this coming week...

Kuna watu kwa hii field hufanya matope sana. I want quality guys who ukiwakisha aircon, unaanza kucatch frost bite kwa gari sio wale husema "haiya! Piga rev!" Ndio aircon ianze kufanya kazi.


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It's sad when this happens. I was luckier with the company that serves my air conditioner.
I usually cooperate with company. I have never been in the wrong position because of them. Maybe I just didn't fall for the bad days. Well, try to call the master from this company. This company employs excellent guys, professionals who know their business. Good luck with that.
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