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Airtel Destroy Unlimited Modem


Senior Villager
Airtel added Unlimited modem daily from 200 Mb to 500 Mb but removed browsing after bundles run out, weekly now is 2.5Gb but the most crucial thing of browsing after bundles run out also removed, people have gone crazy on facebook comments telling them that was the only thing that kept them on Airtel. Seems Airtel don't know what their customers need, just copy pates ideas from Safaricom


Village Elder
Air who?
Never heard of them.
I tested speeds za mbugua 4G in Kilimani, Town, Industrial Area, Westlands and Eastlands.
Upload speeds: 14mbps
Download speeds: 15mbps.
..and they are cheap, like dirt.
Bought an airtel line because of the unlimited modem. The package had free YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and throttled browsing after you exhausted the bundles. I guess waliona tunawakumua sana.


Village Elder
Meanwhile I can sacrifice around 3 nights and download battlefield v using the telkom 5gb night bundles at 40 bob. Just but the bundle twice per night. That's 10gb per day
Walikuwa wanataka wa make a little bit more cash. Ni kama hio unlimited ilikuwa ina wa waste kwasababu watu waliprefer hio kuliko the other bundles. Hata kama internet speed ina rudishwa chini, no one was bothered as long as they could browse for free. There were actually ways that you could increase the internet speed if you wanted to download something. It however lasted for like about 20 minutes before ilibidi uifanye tena. If you were in a 3g zone then you could download up to 10gb of stuff from the internet withthis procedure. In short, the whole unlimited thing was not earning them as much money as they expected.