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I couldn't text Aisha at night coz at that time her phone was under scrutiny si unajua vile waislamu wanakuanga. The next day we met at class as she came early and we talked. She was like "Leon, una dame?", that came so fast, " niambie una dame?", i replied to the affirmative. "Leon nadai kukushow kitu, mimi umenibamba sana naona we can try something out", I was astonished but expected it " unamaanisha tuanza relationship? ", " Yes Leon, I love you", the news were well received. I asked her "huoni ikiwa complicated venye tuko in different religious backgrounds?", " ehh itakuwa ngumu but mi nakupenda we can try it out ikikataa tutaacha", with that statement I implied that she just wanted a relationship but not a long term since I can't marry her as we are from different backgrounds and I can't convert to Islam just to marry her. "Sawa babe, we can try it", I said as we kissed passionately. It happened that one week later some chic in that class had a baby shower, she had deffered for the remaining part of the year to carry her pregnancy to term. It was on a Friday on a school day and with the lecturer confirming his absence everything was going just so fine. I availed myself to her residence and damn everything was just so cool. Aisha came in dressed like a normal chic. A white top and tight jeans. She looked pretty and amazing than when in a bui bui. We ate, danced, gave out our gifts it was so cool. I even had the chance to dance with Aisha she shook that ass till I went nuts. It was just a fun filled day.

Some days later I invited Aisha home. Since I was living with my parents back then, I of course borrowed a house from Kim, some dude next door. He was cool with it as long as I don't steal anything and ensure his house is in order. I obliged and I got the house. I went to the shop bought two pckets of condoms and kept them juu nilijua action lazima ingehappen. By using Jamila as alibi, she came and we entered the crib and just chilled. " Si una nyumba poa Leon", she said. "hehe ni kujaribu tu". I went and sat closer to her and we started kissing so badly. It was so hot and in moments we were on the bed completely naked. I could see her light brown pu**y with a few hairs on it. It looked so sweet. I swear I could have eaten this one dry fry but being conscious I didnt do it. I went for the condoms and put one on and when i was about to enter she was like " ngoja", and then turned to the ass and was like "hayaa tuanaeza endelea", she had positioned herself in a way you couldn't get acces to her pu**y. I was like " si uiname kidogo ndo isiingie shimo mbaya", "aaaiii shimo mbaya gani? si shimo ndo iyo nimekupa", that was when I realized she wanted me to drill her in the ass. Of course I declined I can't do that, she was like " Leon hapo ndo utamu iko", I declined and told her if it ain't about the pu**y it can't just happen. She held her stance that it's either I drill her in the ass or I forget it. I just told her its better I forget it. She put on her clothes and went away. From that day our relationship went from good to worst. With that she even changed her classes from evening to daytime so that we couldn't meet eye to eye. She blocked me everwhere on fb, WhatsApp, IG yaani I couldn't contact her in any way. Jamila didn't come to know of it as she had got a scholarship abroad and so wasn't around.

On Tuesday after kutoka job while in town I bumped into Aisha. She had grown a little bigger but she still maintained her pretty nature. She looked so jovial and I think she wasn't mad like she was back then. We hugged and I could still feel the chemistry between us. We talked and exhanged phone numbers as she had changed hers. While at home she texted me and we talked for long. I was astonished as to why she would talk at that time since previously she couldn't do it. She then told me everything. She was already married to some Muslim man and as is the norm her marriage was arranged and so she just obliged. And our conversation also spiraled our of control to the point of me asking her about the sex incident that happened between us. She came clean about it and said that she wanted to preserve her virginity for her husband coz on the wedding night evidence of virginity must be there. And so to do it she must use her ass as a pleasure hole and preserve her pu**y for her husband. I went ahead and asked her how many men have fucked her in the ass where she replied no one and said I would be the first one but I declined. With that I went for the killer question "Do you still love me?", " yes I still do love you Leon, you are my first kiss from the Christian side and I treasure you but we can't be together ", " Am fine with that Aisha". "So what do you think if we meet and talk more?", " mmmm let's do this Leon I can come to your crib and we can finish what we started while in campus". I don't know what she told her hubby but I told her where I stay and gave her directions. Within an hour she was knocking my door, I opened the door I didn't even say hi I just closed it and went straight and kissed her. It was so passionate like before as it ended up with her in my bed the same way she ended up in Kim's bed. She then said "Hey Leon this will be the best ever election gift ever", I was like " yeah", I grabbed my condoms put one on and vualaa i was deep in her pu**y. She let out a soft moan as I pumped in and out of her. She had such a sweet pu**y. It was so tight seems like her husband takes ages before drilling it. I then turned her for doggie, and I remembered her do it last time when she suggested I hit her from the back. She then reminded me "Leon chunga usiingie shimo mbaya", " haha siezi, saa hii naona imekuwa shimo mbaya last time haikuwa mbaya", she then laughed and I continued. We finished with girl on top f**k I would offer to keep her as my side chic she was just worth it. Round two we began with a blowjob that's how i like doing my thing. Then repeated the above steps but adding more positions to play. At least now I can award myself for having one more sex achievement, fucking a Muslim girl.

Tungojee sasa matokeo ya ile comedy show ilikuwa ina happen jana