Aki ya Ngai! Ûka vaa mbaitu!

But there is some little truth in it.
Naelewa. One thing for sure is, most people, when they emigrate to other places in the world to hustle, they always work extra hard than they would have in their home countries. Increasing their chances for success. Because no one wants the stigma of going back home and being seen as shite for not succeeding abroad. "Kama hukusaidika inje hapa hutoboi". In effect, the incentive to succeed for a Kamau in Ukraine will be higher than that of a Kamau in Mariguini. Just like the incentive to succeed for Ching Li in Kenya will be higher than that of Ching Li in GuangDong. Si unaona vile somali traders are being done by Zulus huko down south ? because zulus wako tu wanakausha makara wakati Somalis are bussin their asses in Convenient stores...