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Akorino man marries American wife


Village Elder
Getting married in the west is a very bad idea. Kama Bezos na Dre wanasumbuliwa na kunguru yeye ni nani.
Huyu ako Sawa. He has somewhere to run. Kakicha anakimbia kinangofu na kuchange simu na kudelete his social media life. Kunguru anatafuta kila chuom za afrika no where to be seen. Kwanza akichange kilemba afunge turban ya wa ras. No one can recognise him.
White women are very volatile.

I hope the reasons that made the lady to marry the guy, get attracted to him will remain the same, and that the guy won't change too; and also they lived for long to determine if they're compatible

Otherwise divorces there are very high even just due to simple reasons like people getting bored of each other