Akothee and Rutos: Who Wore It Best?


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How old was Akothee when she first got married?
This is some of what she says on that pic. post:

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June 10 at 5:08 PM ·
AkotheeExchallenge lets go
See my first love , the man who broke my virginity , the father of my 3 beautiful daughters @veshashaillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia , yes the man who taught me that people kiss, I always ran away with my mouth, I was wondering why I should eat somebody's siliva, apart from us breaking up , this guy had my back, we went through shit together , even when his parents said no to me , he stood by me, we were thrown out together to go back in the village , he was still a student, so when his parents chased me away, he said he is coming with me , so we Were deported


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Why is the man on first pic wearing a jean skirt?
Mind you those jeans were called leggs had a red Indian logo on the belt patch and the stitching was purely unique to leggs.tulivaa hizi mbaya. Came out same time as those long skirts called nairobi uniform . They were long pleated with seahorse print.