Alai thrusted from behind


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isn't this thing illegal? wasn't dci told by the court to stop dong this? na bado wanaifanya.
tells you that hii dci ni pr tu wanatafuta.
Attack Raila and the state follows up, all raos enemies have been having it rough
If that was the reason, he could have been arrested like yesterday. Alai has many alleged crimes. Sometimes @digi when you are idle your reasoning is fwaked up. Like how can you relate terrorism, leaked images, dci, Alai and Raila. Hujui watu waliachanga kukuwa relevant by using Raila's name?


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That wajir landcruiser pic was in bad taste.....
let him pay for his actions. He is a media house in his own right with a huge audience , he should have at least had respect for the patriots.