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Wakubwa, what mode of payment do you use to purchase items online e.g Aliexpress.. Do you have a dedicated debit card? And if so, which bank offers two-step verification which involves the bank sending you a code on your phone to complete an online transaction?

Just read a thread where shiny eyes attempted to make a withdrawal from a talkers account after they had purchased from Aliexpress.



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It always happen when you make online payments using debit cards. Paypal is the most secure way. My guy had the same issue with eBay
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Its the reason I prefer a pre paid debit card. Naweka pesa when I want to transact, and naweka pesa yenye inatumika kwa purchase.
Kutumia your regular bank ATM ni risky...

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I just mean there is no way paypal can allow such to happen. My friend used debit card to purchase stuff from eBay and they kept deducting same amount from his bank.
Hio story ya my friend ni meffi since you don't even understand how paypal and eBay works. First and foremost they were same company before, second ebay as an independent auction site uses PayPal as the default method of payment. PayPal is always funded by debit cards only or cash from other accounts (Kenya).