Alpha male


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Kumbe hii Ninja ndo ukula huyu CEO! Thumbs up ... she’s definitely richer than him, regarding her background...residing somewhere in ... driving a BMW X3 ... Now they’re eating life with a big fork in Dubai.
Bottom line Kunguru hafugiki



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I'm not taking that away from her .She is seemingly doing well if the carefully curated life she shares on social media is anything to go by .I in fact stan women who use their bodies and brains to get ahead in life .
she's 35 ... most probably she used the slip betweeen her ...


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Hii ni kunguru kutoka kitambo I know of a Senior guy in one of the telcos who used to hit it and provided the seed cap for her overhyped venture .
Guys, we hate too much on this forum. The chick is from a loaded family, dad (RIP) was an OG on matters investments .. check . Cut the hate for such a lady who genuinely doing well for herself.