Alshabab behead Kenyan sub-chief.

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Ingekua a white woman tungetuma KDF Somalia for thirty years.
Better still ingekuwa a senior politician or government bureaucrat kama CS ama PS hivi. The bonobos in power will never respond to threats unless it affects them or the top 1% . Case in point Westgate vs Garissa University. You can see how the incidents were handled differently.
The best bonobo 1 can do is issue empty threats to Al Shabaab like he does to corrupt government officials. The beheading of a subchief won't elicit his reaction.
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Subchiefs na chiefs ama ata yani provincial admni yote hawanaanga akili wacha achinjwe kama D- tu
Please don't say that, you are missing the point. The fact that someone--anyone at all--can be murdered by terrorists, and they don't get caught, should really scare you.
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Theres a woman who was run over by these cunts during my stay here.

An assistant chief who was recently abducted by suspected Al Shabaab militants in Wajir was decapitated and his severed head found in Gumarey sub-location in an incident that has horrified both police and locals.
Mr Omar Aden was abducted on Friday from Gumerey at Khorof Harar in Wajir East and his head found on Monday at around 10am.
According to a police report seen by the Nation, the rest of his body is yet to be found.
Police say the chief's severed head was found by herders along the Chinese cutline between Khorof Harar and Konton.
"The scene was visited and established that the deceased was beheaded at another place and head placed at the road. The scene was photographed and the head taken to Khorof Harar police station awaiting to be taken to Wajir county Referral Hospital mortuary," reads the police report.
The abduction happened on Friday at Gumerey centre when Al-Shabaab reportedly invaded the area and ordered residents to switch off their phones before lecturing them, security briefs say.
A police brief had earlier indicated that the militants walked away with the chief who was said to be on security officials' radar as an alleged Shabaab sympathiser.
Khorof Kharar is among the terror hotspots in the region due to its close proximity to the Kenya-Somalia border.
The outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year saw a significant drop in attacks after the government imposed travel restrictions.