Always listen to your 6th sense


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Copied from ID Superfans

Another reason I watch ID and also Americas Most Wanted is that one day my husband took me to work to meet his co-workers. It was lunch time so most of them were in the parking lot lined up to meet me and shake my hand and say hello. I shook all of their hands and then got to this one guy shook his and and every baby hair on my arms stood up and my hand started sweating and my heart started racing and before I knew it I had slipped my hand out of his tight gripping hand and wiped it on my clothes because I had the worst feeling that came over me. It's like God sent me an instant message that said "He's not Right!" My instant reaction was to wipe off how he made me feel so I'm wiping my hand in discuss because he made me feel so badly. Well our fence at our house was damaged and my husband kept wanting to bring Clyde over to repair our fence and my response was "Over my dead Body!" You not bringing that man here. I Said God let me know that something is not right with that man, so he is not coming here. I don't know what he has done but it was not good. That's how I felt. We argued over, and over and over again about it and one my husband came home and said Clyde had asked him. Have you ever tried sneaking up on your wife. My husband said nope I know better than that my wife would shoot first then ask questions later. My daughter and I were always exercising in our living room at home and one day America's Most Wanted came on so she and I watched it and were in total shock. Guess who they were looking for? Clyde Come to find out somehow he had broken out of jail, obtained a job where my husband worked and was planning on making me and my daughter his next victims. When they said what he had done which was kill a mother and her daughter. I called my husband at work and said "Get Here and Get Here Now!" He kept telling me you both wrong that can't be Clyde. Clyde is the nicest person I know. He arrived home watched the video and low and behold it was Clyde. After Clyde's plan was apparently soiled knowing I was going to shoot and ask questions later Clyde decided to molest two children at a park and was captured. So, the moral to my story is. Always go with what you feel. If you feel that person is not right. DON'T allow them near you nor your family. Serial Killers and Murders can be the nicest people in the world but you never know what is going on in there heads. Always go with your first instinct because you may not have a second one. My husband said honey I will never doubt you nor our daughter again.