am making all kinds of gains..all kinds!!

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wacha mwili ikae venye God alikubariki nayo

hii kitu ukizoea alafu ukose kutumia ndio utajua iko na wenyeji
been using sups on and off for 6 years..97 Kgs later and 8% body fat am healthier and fitter than ever.went for my annual check up last month.apart from joint issues (due to years of heavy weights abuse hence the supplements)am as fit as ever.tafakari hayo BIACH


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siku ile your body will start burning muscles instead of fat utaitana.
wow!!in which world does this happen??i hope you haven't given birth to retarded off springs like you.
let me educate you
Primary sources of fuel
1.Food in the stomach
2.Fat cells
So as you can see the body will only catabolise muscle if i haven't eaten for a long while and if i dont have any fat reserves in my body.
8% body fat 6''1'.ignorance ni kipawa wonder your ilk looks like your dads age

97kgs at 6"1' is nothing to be proud of.

And from the tone of your replies, you clearly have unresolved childhood issues which I hope you will resolve in Gods good time.

In the mean time, sit back and .. you know.. just breathe..
Kondoo hizi. You think he'd be taking these supplements if he didn't know what he was putting in his body? When you put soda and all types of nonsense in yours, do you read the ingredients?
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