am not a perfect person but am sure that "shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka " is misleading

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today during lunch time an "Atwoli" tried to reason with us using the above saying, his disgusting remarks generated a heated Pacuio and Mayweather between we and perverts

one mad man argued that the taste of a chips funga is the same with the wife …. I honestly say that I have tasted a prostitute or two and the taste is totally different ….the feeling of guiltiness and feeling cheap is sooooooooo much that after a sleeping with one or two people leave them for good

Honestly shimo si shimo tu….a feeling of sleeping with a girlfriend or a wife is satisfying but prostitutes makes one feel cheap…….my biggest question is, if sleeping with a prostitute brings guilt…..what about sleeping with a fellow man??????,…….i belief the feeling would be demonic……..shimo si shimo tu….ya kahaba na ya nyoka ni sawa
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the guilt is driven by the thought that thousands of men have ejaculated in the same hole(pu**y)
I have never felt he pain of thinking of that because next time i am on the beat i see some guy very proud with my last weekend's lay. And the chain goes on. its so much pain dealing with a woman you own. tombewa girlfriend ata sio bibi utajua. I dont even see the fuckin difference between them. only that one is much more expensive.
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