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Amazon Offers to Help Biden Administration with vaccine rollout


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The company also requested that Biden move its 800,000 US employees up the priority list when it comes to taking the vaccine and noted that Amazon distribution centers are ready to be used as vaccination administering sites.


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Trump initiated a very public spat with Bezos/Amazon and made all manner of threats. Why is it surprising that the company is eager to work with Biden?
At the expense of dead Americans? Trump has always been about ‘America First’ whereas Bezos’ platform gives Chinese merchants undue advantage over Americans. Is it wrong for a president to fight for his country’s interests? Moreover, the Washington Post which is owned by Bezos is fond of publishing untrue, inflammatory articles about Trump in line with leftist groupthink.

Anyway, hope it was worth it Bezos. He could have risen above personal differences in order to secure the health of the very people who made him a billionaire.
Let's ignore political rhetoric for a day.
I really think that it's a good thing. As it turns out, the previous administration didn't have a concrete plan for distributing the vaccines; they left it to individual states to figure out what to do. The results- many states have tens of thousands of vials at risk of getting destroyed, while other states are running short.
Amazon has the technological and physical infrastructure capacity to facilitate the distribution of vaccines. The previous leader didn't quite believe in science/vaccines, and on several times he stated that the virus would just "go away". Well, it didn't, and over 400k are dead. I think that it's time we changed gears, set politics aside, and tackle this monster head-on.
There are obvious reasons why Amazon didn't offer to work with the previous administration. It's a new day, let's get it done!