American Bootay

So I once took this fine ass lanye who had just relocated from Atlanta US for sunday drinks at her request. Fast forward to 11pm and she was like "look here, am too lit to go home take me back to your place and if you nice you can hit it, feel me?" instant hard on. But there was a problem.. I lived with my folks. No way was i going to show up with a sexy-skanky kunguru speaking through her nose intoxicated. Its now kitu 2.30am we took a lodgo hapo. So in we go and foreplay katambe. She's naked in just a thong. She had the perkiest breasts id set my eyes on. She stops halfway and says 'hope you got rubber babyboy' sikuwa nayo but since i was still dressed i grabbed my phone n wallet and told her ill be back in a jiffy and she should lock her ass in as i could hear random drunks.. akina meria mata na mtombi hodari on the corridor. She then says.. 'aaaight am gonna sleep here butt naked so come back n take full advantage of this chocolate bootay" (aki that's how she said it) so me and my hardon were outta the door. Heard her lock the door as i ran out bumping on the narrow corridors drunk making for the stairs. Down three or four maybe five flights of stairs i was at the reception desk again. This time it was locked..the reception mama had gone to lala as it was wee hrs of morning. So i dash out ask watchie where can i buy matharaita aka makobosto. He points me to the right direction. Fast forward me n my hardon are back after 30 mins of searching in the cold but condomised. Now this is where my misery begins. Sema kusahau lodgo room ni what floor let alone what room. Sema kugonga gonga random room huku nikitusiwa nikimtafuta miss American boot-ay. I even went to watchie to saidia but alikua amelala hapo mango. I sat there with him but every time id remember the pointy breasts waiting for me to devour id resume search
Its now 5am i have knocked on over 45 rooms no luck. The sun is coming up and people are on the Monday morning hustle... Here i am in a cab home having a what went wrong session with myself thinking about perky breasts laying sprout waiting to be woken up by the sensational feel of my tounge. Saaaaitan