Amphibious car: the story continues

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Meria Mata

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The owner of the luxurious sailing car wanted for
flouting maritime laws presented himself before
the authorities on Friday.
Simon Everett faced the Kenya Maritime
Authority detectives moments after he learned of
a story in the Star that he was being sought.
A police source said that the investor wrote to
them on Thursday after he was alerted that
detectives were after him, 'to avoid
"He toned down his tampers as this could highly
affect him and his other businesses. He wrote
the email at 2300hours on Thursday night," the
officer said.
In the letter, Everett said: "The vessel has been
approved by the US Coastguard and is available
for inspection at your convenience for
compliance with Kenya regulations,"
"Its for private use no more than 5NM from
shore," the email reads in part.
The Star has been reliably informed that
influential Mombasa businessmen and politicians
have contacted Everett in a bid to buy the vessel
estimated to cost $259,900 (Sh26,641,569).
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I think forks at the KMS just wanted to see it and take a ride or two because this will not go far into the ocean to pose a threat. The only problem might be installations at the creek or riverbed which might be a small excuse to justify summoning him.


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The Star with its sensationalism coupled with editorial incompetence. Halafu enter the cops, eager to appear in the media and sound knowledgeable but in effect exhibiting their ignorance.

This vehicle was probably cleared as a Jeep, and the owner had absolutely no obligation to reveal its amphibious characteristics.
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