An Affordable Ferrari

Its been a dream of mine to purchase a Ferrari. I want to seat behind the horses and unleash some serious power while blowing out some ears.

The Ferrari in question is a 2002 manual V8 360 Modena going for the tamed price of $53,000 dollars. The miles on the car is about 18,000 miles and in mint condition.

I’m in no way and shape able to afford one at the moment but maybe in a year or so it’ll be possible.

I’d overhaul the entire car.

By first replacing the dog shite F1 Gearbox with a manual. Everything new and modernized for hard driving.

twin turbo the V8 so they can produce a violent 600WHP.

New exhaust setup, modernize the taillights, and front headlights etc.

And finally a Liberty Walk Kit from Japan to finish the build.

My inspiration below.