An appeal for your word of prayer


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Well, we all know that life can be one challenging affair and am afraid it has taken a toll on a friend of mine or A guy I once knew as a friend some time back in a place I was working and he was an intern in an ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, related course. Edu is a guy I have shared a meal and a drinks table with and his love for politics and Arsenal is something you don't erase even with a tonne of mishappens.

It's long since we saw each other but I came to learn that at around april/may, guy fell ill and was admitted and have spent as much time in an I.C.U. We did contribute but was told we needed to extend our gratitude even further as our friend continued and still continues to be in our need.

Just in the beginning of this week, somebody passed the need to Kilimani admins kina @culture and from there everything and every corner of Mukuru K.Z, has been popping this Edu thing from the shared posts. From this and as a friend, I thought that, This is my friend and I wonna tell him something when he wakes up from the intensive care bed.. that I requested all my friends to pray for him and also for Arsenal and I can already see that smile on his face.

So my dear friends, I won't ask for money but please just type a quick recovery response and all will be well.
Thanks in advance..

Plz @admin, If you find it in your heart..pliz pin this thread at least for a friend needs attention from you all.