Anal sex


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You know there was a time blow jobs were disrespectful and we could only get the pleasure in majengo or Sabina joy. Fast forward in 2017 we are having it at home.

That begs the question is a form of sex disrespecting a wife?? Always remember that if you don't do it with her someone else will.
i rest my case


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every woman has an aspect of hoeism in her head
that might be true but don't allow her to bring it all out. unless marriage is about sex only. After you try it with her she will wanna try with someone else. I suggest you stick to the natural sex but not HKM thing. That's probably the reason you tried it with another woman who I doubt you care about. How will you even respect her as the mother of your kids after that. It's the same argument why you can't have sex in front of people even if you're husband and wife and they know it