Ancient graffiti of Pompeii - Ktalkers from 2000 years ago

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Can you correctly identify the modern day descendants of these individuals on Ktalk? We all know that number 1 is @Nachunisha Majamaa Sukuma

1) Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

2) Theophilus, don’t perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog

3) To the one defecating here. Beware of the curse. If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.

4) Chie, I hope your hemorrhoids rub together so much that they hurt worse than when they every have before!

5) I screwed a lot of girls here.

6) (Below a drawing of a man with a large nose) Amplicatus, I know that Icarus is buggering you. Salvius wrote this.

7) The man I am having dinner with is a barbarian.

8) Epaphra, you are bald!

9) Defecator, may everything turn out okay so that you can leave this place.

10) Phileros is a eunuch!

11) Apollinaris, the doctor of the emperor Titus, defecated well here

12) Samius to Cornelius: go hang yourself!

13) Secundus defecated here three times on one wall.

14) Epaphra is not good at ball games.

15) I have buggered men