Android music player

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Vlc is simple yet it will play most stuff if not all for free. Otherwise unless its so necessary i would consinder mx player as its alternative


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Which is the best free android music player?..poweramp s dope anyone out there who has hacked power amp?
Kutafuta free things all the time tena sio poa. Just promote the Poweramp guys for once and get the pro version on the Play Store for only 400 Bob.

I used to patch Poweramp but it would stop working unexpectedly in the worst of places like in a mat or nikiwa kwa street. Imagine uninstalling/reinstalling/repatching every 2 weeks in the middle of the street.


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JetAudio is the best. I have used Jet Audio (for PC) for over 10 years, both for audio and video. When they released the Android version my world was made.


i dont have a specific audio player juu i change roms frequently though i use power amp alot
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